Oil Field, Construction, & Mining

Workplace Accidents

Working on a construction site or in the oilfield is dangerous.  Often third party contractors or sub-contractors’ employees will not do their job and horrible consequences follow.  Workers Compensation will likely be your first line of help, but if third parties or their employees injured you, contact Henley Law Firm, P.C. right away.  Get our personal injury team on your case to provide the assistance you need when you need it!

Common results of construction site accidents 

Understand your legal rights and protections that should have been in place to prevent your injury. 

Workplace injuries can be some of the most devastating: Crush injuries, amputations, fires, explosions, electrocutions, falls and falling objects. Get a serious firm for you serious injury. Call Henley Law Firm, P.C. now.

Legal Protection for Miners

If you work in a mine, your employer is legally obligated to provide a safe work environment and to hire only skilled, highly-trained workers. In the event that a mine operator or on-site consultant has not met these standards, call for a consultation.

Stay safe in a dangerous profession

Mining is one of the most dangerous lines of work in the country. Employers must follow the high safety standards set by the government, as well as provide proper training for employers. If these regulations are not met, every miner on the job is potentially at risk.